Fiat Infoadapter

Fiat Ducato/500, Citroen, Opel, Peugeot

Varenr: 2008608
Alt. varenr: 43uft01
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Fiat infoadapter

vehicles with SWC
vehicles with voice dial button

connector: 52 Pin Fiat

to enter settings connect the reverse signal output (purple/white) to HU
for visualisation of the settings connect and configure the rear view camera input of the HU
vehicles with Continental 250VP1 / 250 VP2 OEM HU
vehicles with UConnect OEM HU
vehicles with Daiichi OEM HU***

high beam assistance not supported
driver assistance system not supported

Setting VP1 OEM HU if odometer is flashing enter the menu of the Infodapter:

press and hold the speech button for a few seconds
from main menue go to Infodapter settings
config menu
try several Settings from 0 - 3 (most used setting 2)
after changing the setting  let the car go to rest for 15 - 20 Minutes to allow the interface to sent new command to the vehicle

Vehicle application:

Citroen Jumper (250) 05/2014 - 2022**
Citoren Relay (250) 2014- 2022**

Fiat 500 /ZAF 312) 07/2015 - 2022*
Fiat 500L (ZAF 199) 10/2012 - 07/2017
Fiat 500L (ZAF 199) 07/2017 - 03/2022
Fiat Doblo (ZAF 263) 01/2015 - 2022
Fiat Ducato (ZAF 250) 05/2014 -11/2021**

Opel Movano Cargo C (Y) 10/2021 - 2022

Peugeot Boxer (Y) 09/2014 - 2022**

Following signals are provided:



vehicle settings

*vehicles with Uconnect OEM Gerät
*vehicles with 7" OEM HU monitor not supported
**vehicles with Continental/Mopar 250VP1 / 250VP2 OEM HU
***Citroen Jumper / Fiat Ducato / Opel Movano / Peugeot Boxer Daiichi remove Daiichi harness adapter > radio slot driver side OEM connector

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