MAUS Stixx Pro

The Fire Sticker

Varenr: 2006989
Alt. varenr: 1350-1
Ordinær pris (ink mva): 399,-
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Why is MAUS Stixx Pro such a great compliment to MAUS
Stixx? The unique features of the MAUS Stixx Pro make it a
smarter solution for larger enclosures. This is due to the lower
activation temperature, and the 100% flooding of the
extinguishing agent once activated.

This happens when the heat detecting cable is activated by
exposure to a flame or when the unit reaches 180°C. The
extinguishing agent will quickly flood the protected space to
suppress the fire.

The extinguishing agent consists of a non-toxic,
environmentally friendly, patented potassium mix that will interrupt
the chemicals in the fire and instantly kill it. The green circles on
the diagram of the MAUS Stixx Pro highlight the heat detecting
cable ports, while the remaining ports are designed to release the
extinguishing agent. The MAUS Stixx Pro is maintenance free.
A simple, 5 second installation that can potentially save lives
and millions of pounds in damages.

- Non pressurized product.
- 100% flooding when activated.
- Low temperature activation.
- 5 second installation.
- Extremly small.
- Requires no maintenance.
- Leaves no extinguishing residues (will not harm anything).

Remember! The MAUS Pro Stixx needs 5-10 cm space at the ports to allow space for the release of the extinguishing gas. The unit is designed for closed compartment and is not designed for open spaces which do not allow the extinguishing agent to operate as designed. Ventilated enclosures are not ideal for this technology. Application: Firstly, identify where the MAUS Stixx Pro is to be sited, either on the wall or inner ceiling of the enclosure. Then peel the plastic protective cover from the back and apply the MAUS Stixx Pro. The strong adhesive will keep the MAUS Stixx Pro in place for the product’s lifespan. It really is a simple, 5 second installation.

MAUS Pro Stixx Fire Suppression Console
Article number: 1350-1
EAN: 7350015530157
Dimensions: 12,1 x 1,7 x 1 cm
Weight: 26g
Product life: 5 years (6 years shelf life)
Discharge time: =5s
Protected area: 0,1 m3 (H100 x W50 x D20 cm)
Activation Temperature: 170°C±10°C
Operational Temperature: -30°C - 70°C

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